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Please Look at DMPS Website for Most Accurate Information


Please be advise to look at DMPS website for the most accurate information about our closing.  The link to the website is:  

Medication Management


Cayden from Employee and Family Resources came to STEP this month to give a presentation on taking prescription drugs.  He discussed knowing what your medications are and what they are for, taking them as prescribed, and the abuse of prescription drugs. 

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Tax Time: Free Tax Preparation Services


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is providing free tax preparation services from now until April 15th at two metro area locations.  Individuals that earn less than $58,000 a year may be eligible for free tax preparation.  These services are available Monday through Friday at Polk County River Place (2309 East Euclid) and United Way of … Read more »

Partnering with Vocational Rehabilitation


    Parents often ask us why STEP students need Vocational Rehabilitation services if they are enrolled in STEP.  Vocational Rehabilitation is a state agency that provides employment services for individuals with disabilities.  Vocational Rehabilitation, often referred to as Voc. Rehab., is actually a part of the Iowa Department of Education, and thanks to an initiative … Read more »

Autism Acceptance and Awareness Day


According to the Autism Society website one in fifty-nine individuals is living with Autism.  Autism is a developmental disability that is often characterized by difficulties with communication and social skills.  It is described as a “spectrum disorder” because of its varying degrees of severity.  Many people with autism have repetitive and restrictive behaviors or interests.  … Read more »

STEP Student earns Employee of the Month at his Sodexo Job


A very great honor was given to Kobey LaFrentz recently when  he was awarded the Employee of the Month for his Sodexo region. The following is the award nomination submitted by a co-worker that earned him the honor: SODEXO EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH January 2020 Kobey Lafrenz As Kobey Lafrenz’s Team Member I would love … Read more »

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Secondary Transition Employment Program
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STEP Students and community members speak out:

For a better understanding of STEP  please see the video below where students and community partners describe what STEP is to them.





Employers looking to Partner with STEP

At STEP we are always looking for partners to place our students in short term non-paid positions. For more information see the brochure below.





If interested please contact STEP at



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