Amy Parker

STEP teacher

P: 515-242-7283 | E: amy.parker@dmschools.org

Dean Flyr

STEP teacher

P: 515-242-7283 | E: dean.flyr@dmschools.org

Jami Harvey

STEP teacher

P: 515-242-7283 | E: jamilyn.harvey@dmschools.org


Jami has been teaching special education for twenty-three years, the last sixteen in Des Moines Public Schools.  Jami has her undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa and she is currently working on her Masters degree at Morningside College.   She loves working with transition age students, helping them build employment and independent living skills.  Jami is married to Tim and they have four children.   They have a daughter with autism, so Jami also has experience parenting a child with special needs, navigating the school and social services systems, and advocating for a child with different abilities.