Partnering with Vocational Rehabilitation

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

    Parents often ask us why STEP students need Vocational Rehabilitation services if they are enrolled in STEP.  Vocational Rehabilitation is a state agency that provides employment services for individuals with disabilities.  Vocational Rehabilitation, often referred to as Voc. Rehab., is actually a part of the Iowa Department of Education, and thanks to an initiative called Future Ready Iowa, Voc. Rehab. has become more and more involved in collaborating with high schools and 4+ programs to help prepare Iowa students to enter the workforce. 

     STEP’s collaboration with Voc. Rehab. is a valuable part of our program.  We have a Voc. Rehab. counselor that is assigned specifically to our program.  Frankie is in our classroom several times a week.  He loves getting to know students and is an active member or our team.  He helps us develop career plans and goals for students.  He helps  students obtain other community-based services.  Due to Voc. Rehab’s collaboration with local businesses, Frankie is also a valuable resource when it comes to setting up job shadowing, internships, and connecting us with leads for paid employment.   Frankie has assisted students with applications and interview preparation.   Sometimes we are able to access Voc. Rehab. funding for things for our students such as uniforms for paid jobs, tools, and classes such as driver’s education.

     Vocational Rehab services can continue for individuals  after they exit STEP.  We encourage all STEP students to take advantage of these free services!  For more information, visit their website at