Autism Acceptance and Awareness Day

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

According to the Autism Society website one in fifty-nine individuals is living with Autism.  Autism is a developmental disability that is often characterized by difficulties with communication and social skills.  It is described as a “spectrum disorder” because of its varying degrees of severity.  Many people with autism have repetitive and restrictive behaviors or interests.  Many also have sensory issues.  Early diagnosis and treatment of autism is key to improved quality of life, so awareness of the disability is critical. 

     STEP students and staff participated in 2020 Autism Acceptance and Advocacy Day on the Hill at the Iowa State Capitol on February 18th.  STEP students listened to speakers of family members and individuals with autism, legislators, and autism advocates. They participated in a round table discussion on self-advocacy.  Students also got some time to walk around and explore the Capitol building.